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  • login

    In the Login page,

    Click 'User name' and enter your user name.

    Click 'Password' and enter your password.

    Click 'Log In' button.

  • forgot login

    If you forgot your password,

    you must click "forgot password" button >> enter your E-mail address then check your inbox for a password reset e-mail.

  • personal

    Personal information module as a parent you can view and edit information about you, can edit your child username and password.

    Personal Info > Personal Info

  • policies

    Policy list module as a parent help you to view school policies.

    Personal Info > Policies and Resources

    Policies and Resources:

    • Select policy list to view

    • You can download or save

  • gdpr

    GDPR module as a parent you can view school GDPR agreement.

    Personal Info > GDPR

  • Upload

    Upload documents module, as a parent you can upload documents that are required by school. For example, birth certificate or id cards.

    Personal Info > Upload Documents

    Upload Documents:

    • Select document category

    • Enter your description

    • Select file to upload

    • Click upload file button

  • gradebook

    Gradebook module as a parent you can view your child grades by semester and courses, also have detailed information about grades.

    Record Book > Gradebook


    • Select semester to view grades

  • attendance

    Attendance module as a parent you can view child attendance with details. You have absence graph, number of absent or tardy days.

    Record Book > Attendence


    • Select semester

    • View attendance details with attendance graph

  • comments

    Comments module, as a parent you cand view your child comments that are given by teachers.

    Record Book > Comments


    • Select semester and view the comments

  • homework

    Homework module as a parent you can view child homework’s, can view homework’s request, due dates and all information that are given by teacher.

    Record Book > Homework


    • Select semester

    • Select homework

    • Read descriptions

    • Download teachers files

    • After homework is done you cand upload your files

    * If due date is expired you can not upload any files.

  • timetable

    In Timetable module you can find button for online lessons, you have information about lessons time, date, hours, teacher lesson title.

    Record Book > Timetable


    • Select your lesson time

    • Click on the zoom icon to participate to online lessons

  • dailyoverview

    In daily overview you have information about child morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, sleep. This information is added by teachers.

    Record Book > Daily Overview

    Daily Overview:

    • you can view graphic about child daily overview

  • clubs

    In Clubs module you can find two types of clubs open to register your child.

    Record Book > Clubs


    • Select club from compulsory or optional list

    • View details and click register club button

  • teacherlist

    In Teacher list module as a parent you have a list with information about teachers of your child.

    Record Book > Teacher list

  • trackingsystem

    In Tracking system module you cand find objectives thar are assigned to your child.

    Record Book > Tracking System

  • classroom

    In the classroom module you find documentation about courses or homework’s uploaded by teachers.

    Record Book > Classroom


    • Select file

    • View or download

  • ebook

    In the E-book module you have a list by book as pdf, can download the books.

    Record Book > E-books

  • schoolfee

    In School fee module you can pay debits of you child.

    Debit > School Fee

    School Fee:

    • In the right corner of the screen click pay button and follow the instructions

  • mealfee

    You will have the information about meal fee.

    Debit > Meal Fee

  • trip

    Trip module is showing you the trips organized by school to you child.

    Trip > Trip


    • Click show button to view information button

    • Click Accept or Reject

  • meet

    Meeting module as a parent you can use it for booking meetings with teachers, that are open to booking by school administration.

    Parent Meeting > Meeting


    • Select the week

    • Select the hour and teacher that you want to have a meeting

    • Click finish button to booking meeting

  • appointment

    Appointment module as a parent you can book a meeting to have discussions with one teacher.

    Parent Meeting > Appointment


    • Select teacher

    • Select date

    • Book a meeting with teacher